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Fly wherever you like - we tell you which "formalities" you need for your destination country.

Travel stress-free - no matter where
How It Works

Four steps to the goal

Fast, easy, secure – to whichever country you would like to travel to 


Review travel requirements

After entering your destination, you will immediately receive a clear list of all requirements and legal regulations that must be met for your trip. Visa, passport, vaccinations, prophylaxes, or corresponding test (Covid test).

Mishaps, additional waiting times, and stress at the airport due to incomplete documents can be avoided.


Passenger registration

Data collection of the latest generation. Anonymous and in compliance with data protection regulations, you can quickly and easily register yourself and your whole family.
You can do this directly on your computer at home or in one of the partner pharmacies and validation nooks.


Validate travel documents

Use our Matchbox to automatically validate all required travel documents.
Or visit one of our partner pharmacies and validation nooks to obtain a test (e.g. PCR), a vaccination required for your trip or a necessary prophylaxis. All your travel documents will be validated at the pharmacy at the validation nook.



Save time at the airport and enjoy the benefits of the fast track way!

You benefit from the pre-checked documents needed for entry into the destination country and efficiently reduce the time at the check-in desk.

Use the luggage drop-off or relax at the check-in desk.

For this additional service, a fee may be charged by our Validation Partners.

Queuing was yesterday!

Our Mission

The goal of Matchbox is to reduce stress for passengers before and during their trips. You should be able to plan every trip with a smile on your face – in the current situation, though, this is not so easy!
Each country has its own requirements and laws that the traveler must comply with.

Depending on the origin, destination, place of residence, passport type, vaccination status, or prophylaxes, different documents must be presented before or on entry.
The constantly changing situations and adaptations of different countries (e.g. caused by Covid) complicate the preparation even more.

The Matchbox brings light into this information jungle!

Fast, easy and 100% digital! After entering your destination, it clearly shows which documents and precautions you need for your trip to reach your destination safely and stress-free.

But Matchbox can do even more!

Our Mission

About us

Our alliance consists of decision-makers and key players in the aviation and healthcare sectors.


Our common goal is to make travel easy again and simplify complex processes by using digital technology.


Help us and become part of our alliance. We would be happy to provide you with more detailed information.


Fly smart: stress-free, and with a smile


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