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FAQ about BlueiCareUs® 


How can I validate my documents?

To validate your documents click Start Validation; the system will then guide you through the process in a wizard.

Start Travel Validation
How can I add my family to my validation profile?

You can easily add your family members to your profile. For this, use the same Mobile Phone No. as on the initial >Valditaion. As soon you upload the Passport or the National ID, a new Member will be added to your profile based on your mobile phone no. You can see them in the Session List also. If the validation is successful, you receive for any member you did validate based on the initial used Mobile Phone No. A confirmation Mail and SMS with the entire documents

How i see my other family Members
Why do I not receive the final confirmation?

Travel regulations are unique and special and change fast, it can happen that for some countries or flights, a Face2Face visit to one of our validation partners is needed to identify YOU as YOU and to use the Fast-Track-Way on the Airport.


The second problem can be that one of your uploaded documents did not fit or was not possible to automatically identify or need to Face2Face confirmation from our Validation Partner to be proofed.


Without them, you stand in line at the Airport. If you use one of our validation Partners, you can pass the snake line at the airport and go directly after BagDropp off to the Security control.


Do I need a PCR-Test for my destination?

Start the validation process to find out if you need a PCR Test; the system will then check the actual requirements based on your travel date, destination, and nationality.

Why do I need an e-VISA or a VISA?

For many countries, to have a Visa or an e-Visa to enter. To reduce your stress level and allow you to use the VISA Line on the Arrival Country border, you can generate most countries an e-visa before your trip starts. We check them based on your questions and answers if you upload them.


Why do I have to validate my documents by a BlueicareUs Partner?

We are sorry, but it was impossible to identify your documents for your planned journey. Based on the travel restriction, it is needed to check your Health Documents by a Health Checkpoint. Please take with you all the documents that you did upload or answered in the questions. Only then are you sure you have no stress at the Airport because of missing documents?

My Covid evidence is not automatically identified

Sometimes it can happen during the passport or national id identification that the MRZ-Machinereadebalzone can not identify or generate a mistake. In that case, you can check your name in the session; if it is wrong, Start the validation again and Upload or Take a better picture. If the Covid evidence error still exists, you will be forwarded to one of our validation partners to prove the documents.

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